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Gaming Laptop for a Sort of Non-Gamer?

Researching my current laptop actually made me feel like it should be working better than it is, maybe when it was new it was good, but by the time I got it as a hand-me-down laptop, it wasn’t that great. … Continue reading

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CSS and Cake: Making a (Mini) Dessert Site

My site features dessert recipes, including cakes, cookies, and pies. Thus, I wanted to create a simple, soft, and sweet site that would suit a dessert site. Many sites that feature dessert recipes use pastel colors, thus this site’s goal … Continue reading

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Lexicon Typeface Bundle? Not On My Budget.

(1) Typefaces I Shouldn’t Have Suggested To My Client: Frutiger (all 14 fonts) – $264 Adobe Optima (all 12 fonts) – $265 Adobe Futura (all 20 fonts) – $377 Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle – $1874 (for single user license, OpenType) Total Damage: … Continue reading

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Better Almost Late Than Never

Hello everyone! My name is Eliza Marie Perez, but most people call me Ellie. I’m a senior Communication major and Creative Writing minor.  I’m a Chicana who grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in a city a few minutes … Continue reading

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