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An Apple every 2 years…

After an unfortunate water spilling incident, my early 2011 15 inch MacBook Pro met its death at the end of November 2014. I had already had to replace its logic board after burning out the video chip with too much … Continue reading

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A Piece of Photoshop “Magic”: the Pen Tool

One of my main goals for taking web design was learning to use more features in Photoshop, so it made sense to learn to use the pen tool as one of my badges. Admittedly, this was frustrating at first, and … Continue reading

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CSS: That’s Amore!

Part 1: Design Rationale The goal of this mini site was to present recipes and information about broad categories of food in a stylized fashion, so an appetizing color palette was a key piece of the design. Oranges and reds were chosen … Continue reading

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What’s Your Type?

When researching fonts for my mystery client, I learned that acquiring legal copies of these typefaces would be incredibly expensive. If I were to purchase the Frutiger family ($339 from, the Adobe Optima family ($265 from the Adobe store), … Continue reading

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Communication for the Chemist

The last time I introduced myself on a blog for one of Dr. Delwiche’s classes, I was beginning the first semester of my freshman year. Now that I’m beginning the final semester of my senior year, these posts, in a … Continue reading

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