Flash Animation

Flash animation is so much fun for me. It is very strenuous though. Lynda.com taught me a lot of the basic function that are needed to create a short video. I already had a little experience, so this helped me refresh my mind on some of the basic flash animations. I created a simple video using basic animations and basic shapes and called it, Rainy Days.

At first, I had no clue how I was going to be able to bring simple shapes to life. I figured out how to draw everything quite easily, but then I had to go into the act of making them move. When ever you create a shape, you need to save it as a symbol so that you can make add movements to it. Once it is a symbol, I needed to make it a tween. This makes it so that I can go down a few frames and then move the shape so that when I play the video, the shape will move to the spot I moved it to. It does not look too clean, but if you spend enough time on it, this can be the most useful tool on flash. I used these motions to make the sun rise, the clouds to cover the sun, and then the rain falling. I had all of the rain symbols repeat as they would finish their path so it looked like it was constantly raining without having to make hundreds of rain drops.

I also used a motion tween in this video for my light bulb. This makes it so that after a certain number of frames, you can make the shape completely change to something else. I made the light bulb look like it just appeared out of the guys head like an idea. This is a little more advanced skill, but it is till quite simple. I also threw in my own song from a very long time ago to give the video a little more life.

Rainy Days


About eredeker

My name is Eric Redeker and I am a Sophomore at Trinity University. I play on the golf team and I plan on majoring in Comm with a minor in Sports Mngmt.
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