Javascript Kicks My Bob’s Burgers Butt

I created my website based on the design of Netflix but with a Bob’s Burgers theme. The design aspects of the site were easiest parts to create, or so I thought. The designs I created worked well on my personal MAC but were completely messed up on the class’ computer. Next time I really need to check my websites at different screen sizes and on different browsers. I really want to try implementing percentages next time in order to account for screen size.

The javascript aspect of the site was not necessarily difficult but it was tricky. Oddly enough, I probably had the hardest time with the easiest part of the javascript. For the longest time I kept overthinking how to create the counter for the number of searches—although, I’m pretty sure I remember Dr. Delwiche mentioning an actual counter function, which I definitely didn’t use. I ended up declaring a global variable that set the initial number of searches at 0 and I wrote my code so the search number variable would increase by one each time the search button was clicked. It worked out for the most part, except it still refuses to update on the first click. The second search actually shows as the first search.

I struggled a bit with the location and map part of my site, but I’ll discuss that in my badge discussion. Overall, I found this assignment challenging but fun. I think it only worked out as well as it did for my site because of the fact that we had some extra time to work on our sites. Here is my Bob’s Burgers-themed Netflix Search page.

Bob's Burger-themed Netflix Search Page from Minisite 3.

Bob’s Burger-themed Netflix Search Page from Minisite 3.

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