JavaScript: Fun Despite the Frustration


Application page

My website is based on one of my favorite television shows– The Office— and its fictional work place, Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company. It includes an application to Dunder-Mifflin, which asks basic information from its applicants: name, birthday, address, work experience, whether or not they’ve been convicted of a felony, and who their favorite character from The Office is. Based on their favorite character, my website provides them with products they may like; for Michael, a “World’s Best Boss” mug. For Dwight, Battlestar Galactica and Schrute Farm products. For Angela, cat items and modest clothing.

This site also includes a Search Scranton… because who needs Google when one can search Search Scranton? Once the user has searched on this home page, he or she can view this data on the human resources page. Here, the user can also find my eerie invasive JavaScript, which is able to detect his or her Browser, Version, User Agent, and more.


Office Supplies page

To be honest, although making this website was very fun and allowed me to be creative, it was also difficult at times. The biggest problems I ran into were making the JavaScript work across pages (for example, making the application page determine what appears on the office supplies page), and mixing up my variables, IDs, and names. Submitting my variables helped ease this confusion, and although the language of JavaScript was hard for me to understand at first, I think I’m finally getting the hang of it! Working on this project has been a unique and challenging experience, and has provided an eye-opening perspective of what JavaScript can do, as well as the privacy– or lack thereof– on the Internet.

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