Ask the (almost) All-Knowing Tina Belcher

I decided to make my page centered around my favorite Bob’s Burgers character Tina Belcher. She’s awkward, hilarious, and surprisingly wise. Since the site was about storing information, I thought she would seem like a trustworthy character to which you can give your personal information. The biggest problems I faced had to do with making Javascript work. What I realized was the problem most of the time was the fact that I didn’t name things correctly in all the pages. For example, I kept trying to have information (which was stored in one page) display in another, but I was not consistent with the tags. It took me a while to realize the problem, but once I fixed it, everything else was smooth.

Ask Tina page

Ask Tina page

After I made my first page (Ask Tina) work, I slowly added the other HTML pages and tested them as soon as the code let me test it. It was frustrating at times trying to make a function work and having no results, but the debugger function on Chrome was very helpful. Not only did it tell me there was a problem, it told me in which line. Most of the time it was a missing bracket or letter. It was overall a good experience and I’m proud of the results.

Here’s the link to my Ask Tina page.


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