Ask the Alliance! They don’t bite…

To bring together Javascript, HTML5, and CSS, I created a website based on the show Firefly. Users ask the government, known as the Alliance, whatever questions they may have. Otherwise known as “Ask the Alliance!”

Ash the Alliance Homepage

Ash the Alliance Homepage

At this point, users input information about themselves, including name, birthdate, and gender, as well as whether or not they have Browncoat sympathies and what their favorite fruit is. They can them visit the shops on the planet Ariel, where their options will vary based on the choices they made previously on the “registration” page. Finally, they can see the dossier the Alliance has written up on them, detailing all of the information they know about the user. At the end, there is an analysis page detailing the point of this minisite, with the point being the exploration of privacy in websites.

The site was quite fun to create, as it was easy to imagine the Alliance having dossiers on everyone in the “‘verse”, and I could create the website from their point of view. The most struggle I faced came from integrating the Javascript and making sure all of the parts ran smoothly as they were supposed to. At times, I found myself having trouble with the “Hands of Blue” page and ensuring it would take the data and put it where it was needed. However, going in and verifying all of the variable names fixed this problem in short order. In general, I am proud of my final site, which you can find here.

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