Ask Deadpool (he “promises” not to kill you)

The theme of my site is based on the Marvel Comic Book character Deadpool. Deadpool is a fun and loving character who really and truly cares about everyone he meets, no matter what. Okay, Deadpool would’ve killed me just for saying that. But really, Deadpool is a wise-cracking mercenary who will do pretty much anything for money. So which side he is on depends on who is paying the most money. Let’s just say he is Marvel’s version of a much harder to kill Boba Fett who won’t shut up.

The first page of the site is Ask Deadpool. On this page, the user will type in any phrase and the browser will keep track of how many times the user asks something and what was most recently asked. This page is meant to be a parody of the AskJeeves search engine which was only popular because of how lame it was. For the banner on this page I decided to add in a little quote from Deadpool to give us a sense of who it is that we’re dealing with.

Ask Deadpool search page

Ask Deadpool search page

The next page asks the user to fill in some personal information while they fill out a form to request mercenary services from Deadpool himself. This is where information is gathered to set up the third and fourth pages of the site.

The third page takes the user’s weapon of preference from page two and suggests a weapon (the same weapon obviously) for them to purchase in order to become Deadpool’s sidekick. The closest thing Deadpool has had to a sidekick was Hydra Bob… so you can’t be much worse than him. The title of this page is Wade’s List (Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson) which is meant to be a parody of Craig’s List, while the page itself does not resemble the Craig’s List site.

Wade's List page

Wade’s List page

The fourth page collects data from the first two pages and returns this info to the viewer. This page is meant to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. (Super Human Intelligence Enforcement and Logistics Division…. I think…) database file where S.H.I.E.L.D. recognizes you as Deadpool’s sidekick which (thanks to the Superhuman Registration Act) requires you to register with the government as a super powered human. Also included in this page is the user’s longitudinal and latitudinal location which has been acquired by HTML Geolocation. Acquiring this info hasn’t been challenging at all but I am still having issues with displaying a Google Map of the location.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Superhuman Index

S.H.I.E.L.D. Superhuman Index

The final page of the site is the analysis site which is meant to explain to users not in the web design class what this site is meant to be.

Here is a link to the Ask Deadpool Search Page.

Please enjoy!

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