One of the most important things in design today is simplicity. Being able to convey an idea with just a few colors, typefaces, and images can get the user to focus on the content of a page and not be too distracted by the design. At first, multiple colors and typefaces seemed like a good idea until receiving feedback from a graphic designer. The pages were splashed with pastels, neons, and different types of fonts, but this quickly changed. The graphic designer mentioned the most important rule of design: the rule of three. After that, multiple decisions had to be made in order to adhere to that rule. Pastels seemed liked the friendlier choice for the site since the site had to be approachable and friendly. The images were not hard to find, since they were part of the recipes found online. However, the size of the images were based, again, on simplicity. Instead of having a big display of what the recipe was supposed to produce, there is a small snapshot, which gives users the opportunity to experiment with their recipes without feeling like the picture was the only possible result. This is a link to my page along with a snapshot of the Desserts page.


CSS/HTML5 gives web developers the ability to have a flexible page that will change depending on the device. For example, there are commands a developer can use to change the way the page is displayed in different devices. Because CSS allows you to stylize multiple HTML pages with one CSS page, it is easy to add a few lines of code that will help the page become more flexible.

There are multiple online sources that can be very useful for CSS/HTML5 development. Such is the case for the page titled Getting Started with CSS, which goes through different aspects of CSS/HTML5. As the user scrolls, the more complicated the code becomes. Learning CSS Layout is another page that goes through the basics of CSS in a less interactive way for those users who prefer to learn through reading before trying. Another helpful link that can be useful for developers who lack a sense of color coordination is a page called Color-Hex. This page is able to present the developer with different color codes and what colors go well with each other.

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