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Typefaces are a lot more expensive than I was expecting. When I first thought about this, I wasn’t thinking it wasn’t going to be too much to buy a few fonts. Boy was I wrong. All together all of these fonts were $2,851. Here are the prices of each of fonts that my client would like to use.

All 14 Frutiger fonts = $264

All 12 Adobe Optima fonts = $265

All 20 Adobe Futura fonts = $377

Lexicon Bundle = $1830

There are many other free fonts that look just as good as some of these. Here are some examples below of Revolution, Linux Lbertine, Alpha Fitness, and Champagne and Limousine.


These are just a few of many different fonts that are free to download. However, the one that really stood out to me was the font Roboto. I really like this font because it looks very clean, however it is not too boring. I feel that it all flows together and there are no letters that are designed differently to make it hard to read. Here is an example from a former assignment of mine.



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My name is Eric Redeker and I am a Sophomore at Trinity University. I play on the golf team and I plan on majoring in Comm with a minor in Sports Mngmt.
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