Lexicon Typeface Bundle? Not On My Budget.


Typefaces I Shouldn’t Have Suggested To My Client:

Frutiger (all 14 fonts) – $264

Adobe Optima (all 12 fonts) – $265

Adobe Futura (all 20 fonts) – $377

Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle – $1874 (for single user license, OpenType)

Total Damage: $2780


Dafont saves the day, though, with Revolution, Alpha Fitness, and Linux Libertine. Oh, and Glamor! All for the lovely price of $0 — totally acceptable for my current budget!

They’re lovely typefaces, I promise, just look at how nice my name looks — and imagine how nice my client’s name will look.



Serif Ashbury 

Sans serif  Josefin Sans (10 fonts)

When deciding on serif and sans serif typefaces for the semester I tested each one using my name, along with checking if there was a difference between the number 1, the lowercase l, and the uppercase I. I also checked whether or not the fonts worked for letters with accents and tildes (some didn’t).  I chose Ashbury because of these reasons, but also because it looks professional, yet inviting. Font Squirrel describes it as, “warm and pleasant but assertive because of its solid strokeweights,” which is a wonderful way to describe why I like it so much. I chose Josefin Sans for my sans serif typeface because, like Ashbury, it seems like it’ll work for many different things, plus it comes in ten different versions. You can see an example of Ashbury in the following image of a poem I wrote for a writing exercise in class last year.


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