Each of the typefaces is a bit out of my budget, especially in that they were not free. Frutiger cost $399, Adobe Optima was $265, Adobe Futura was $492, and I could only find the Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle in euros, at €1347 (roughly $1,520). This was a combined total of $2,676.

When the suggested typefaces proved too expensive, some free alternates included, Revolution, Linux Libertine, Alpha Fitness, and Optimus Princeps.


I chose Blue Highway as my sans serif and Salernomi as my serif font. For both I thought it was important that similar letter like a, q, g or n and h be differentiated in this fonts. I also considered the height difference in lower and upper case letters. For both I wanted a font with multiple styles, Blue Highway has five, but unfortunately I could not find a serif font that I liked with more than one style. Below is a the Abstract from my Capstone project in Salernomi.


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