The Search for the Font of Truth

Ms. Olivia Pope wanted to find a new typeface that would represent her phenomenal firm of gladiators. She was interested in a series of specific fonts, but unfortunately, they all turned out to be too pricey. Frutiger and all of its 14 fonts came down to $339, Adobe Futura’s 20 fonts costs $492, Adobe Optima is $265, and finally, Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle came down to $1830. The overall cost came out to be $2926, which is pretty expensive.

Thankfully, offers free alternatives such as Revolution, Linux Libertine, Alpha Fitness, and Saint Adrew des Kiwis. I proceeded to produce the following sample to show the benefits of the different typefaces:


For the rest of the semester I have decided to use the serif typeface Tinos and the sans serif typeface Railway. Tinos, which is the typeface used in the following text from a script I wrote for a presentation two years ago, is professional-looking enough to be able to use it in official documents, but has enough attitude to leave a personalized label. Railway, on the other hand, is more of an artistic choice since it is a typeface more appropriate for blog postings, websites, etc. For both fonts, I looked at the spacing between letters, the height differences between upper and lower case letters and how the number one (1), the upper case I (as in Indonesia) , and the lower case l (as in love) looked when placed next to each other. Both typefaces represent different aspects of my personality and are adequate for a personal mark.

font example

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