Going through jQuery with Code Academy

I decided to take an early peek into a new coding language called jQuery. For colleagues who don’t know (or would like to know), jQuery is basically an alternative way of implementing Java Script into your HTML code. It was pretty interesting diving into a new language at this point in my adventure with learning code, I started the course while I was still learning the basics of HTML so it was interesting to look at both at the same time. As I was learning what all I can do with basic HTML, I was also thinking about what I could do to those HTML elements by implementing basic jQuery code. Now that I have learned much more about HTML and started looking into CSS, I can definitely see how jQuery is a great compliment to those languages. HTML adds structure to your web page, CSS incorporates some style, and jQuery makes that style much more diverse and interactive. jQuery has been a great addition to my coding arsenal.

When I first started this tutorial, I hadn’t really understood how HTML or CSS works yet. I was concerned that maybe this would keep me from being able to understand everything about jQuery, but those concerns were quickly put to rest. Looking into this tutorial prior to those understandings about HTML or CSS allowed me to truly understand what jQuery is capable of. Plenty of the things that I did with jQuery early in the tutorial could also be achieved with CSS code, but doing it with jQuery is a great shortcut to a lot of the things That can be done with CSS! jQuery also serves as a great shortcut to things that we can do with Java Script as well. I could see jQuery being used on websites for things like interactive lists (such as checklists or planners), customizable interfaces (the .draggable() function would be great for moving around an interface), or simply just for making a website more interactive. There are many websites out there that have a lot of different “tabs” that you can click on to take you to different portions of the page. jQuery makes it extremely easy to pull up these tabs without actually going to a different URL. One URL could be used that has access to all of these tabs, and jQuery code can be used to change what is on the screen depending on which tab is active. A good example of pages that take advantage of this would be artist portfolios. The viewer can look at different parts of the artists work without having to load a bunch of different pages, you could go back and forth between the artist’s work very easily and smoothly thanks to jQuery.

As far as the difficulty of jQuery, I thought it was very easy to catch on to and I am hoping that I will be able to implement aspects of it into future websites that I will be working on. I would love to take on a personal project of making my own online portfolio of different graphic design and web design projects that I have done in my time as a student. I would be able to take advantage of having a web page to advertise my talents as a graphic designer and at the same time be able to show my talents as a web designer and a programmer.

As a web designer and a programmer, there is one thing that this has tought me about myself, I am a very quick learner now when it comes to taking on a new coding language. Ever since I learned my first coding language (I learned ActionScript and Java at the same time) I have found that catching on to other languages has been very simple. Although I am still just a beginner at programming, I am confident that I will be at a very high level in no time. I have a very strong sense of the basic structure of computer code, it is just a process of problem solving that makes perfect sense to me. I love having the ability to take a problem and tell a computer how to solve that problem one small step at a time. Every time sit down and write code, I try to learn something new about a particular language, I desire to develop my skills as much as possible and I will never be satisfied with what knowledge I have. This is a characteristic that I believe will make me a great programmer in the near future.

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