Aaargh, these fonts are Merri!

The fonts that were asked for are a little pricey. What I mean by that is that they come out to a total of $2,676. Considering there are other free fonts that could be chosen that look very similar to the fonts that you have asked for, I am highly considering changing your idea. I have come up with four other fonts that may work better and happen to also be free and available right now to our use!

They are as shown: Revolution, Alpha Fitness, Optimus Princeps, and Triforce

I chose “Merriweather” as my Serif font because I believe it is easy to read, and it is not too hard on the eyes when looking at it. My Sans Serif font is “Aaargh”I chose this one because it reminded me of Merriweather. I tend to gravitate towards the skinnier taller letters, and both of these fonts share those characteristics.

Here is a preview of Merriweather:


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