The Type Journey

I began by finding the prices for the typefaces that my client requested. I quickly discovered that the total cost of all the typefaces — Frutiger Family ($339), Adobe Optima ($265), Adobe Futura ($492), and Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle ($1,334.89) — was $2430.89. Let’s be honest; this cost would destroy me! In that moment, I realized that I would have to convince my client to switch her preferences. Concerned with the cost of the project and the deadline, I quickly found some free typefaces that fit nicely into the design scheme of my client’s website. These fonts include Revolution, Linux Libertine, Alpha Fitness and Lemon Yellow Sun. I picked out Lemon Yellow Sun as an addition to my original three replacements, because I think that it adds a variety of weight to the others. The following images shows examples of the new fonts:

Notice the weight differences!

Notice the weight differences!

Usually when I’m designing, I tend to favor my two workhorse Sans-Serif and Serif fonts (Mesmerize and Mount). Following Jessica Hische’s advice on “Upping Your Type Game”, I searched for fonts that were easy to read, had true italics, a variety of weights, and a great personality. I chose Mesmerize because it had good spacing and a variety of weights, while Mount was slightly quirky and had two story a’s and g’s. I liked these elements and I also found that these two fonts were just generally peaceful and friendly. An example of Mount can be seen below, where it adds a friendly “Hello!” to my paper:


“Hello! Welcome to Cat’s paper!”

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