Typeface Galore

While looking online for the typefaces that my client requested, I found that they were way out of my budget. The combination of Frutiger ($264), Adobe Optima ($265), Adobe Futura ($492), and Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle ($1,830) came out to a total of $2,851. Dang. In an anxious hunt, I went looking for some free typefaces that wouldn’t do so much damage. Luckily, I found (or was given) some other options that wouldn’t break the bank. I suggested Revolution, Linux Libertine, and Alpha Fitness to replace the expensive typefaces and luckily, she loved them. As an added bonus, I found Universal Mind which gave some added depth to my font library. Examples of these fonts in the order listed are found below:

KF fonts

Aren’t these great replacements to those expensive fonts?

Purely curious and not prompted at all by an assignment, I went in search of some workhorse Sans-Serif and Serif typefaces for me to get used to. After a lot of searching, I found Aurelent Sans (Sans-Serif) and Contra (Serif). After reading Hische’s article, I knew a little of what to look for. In Aurulent Sans, multiple weights are available. Contra does not have multiple weights but does have a true italic, which I really like. Additionally, I looked at the x-height in both of them and they seemed like they would be legible even in a small size. Other than that, I just liked the way they looked! I like how Contra is able to look professional but not boring. Aurulent Sans is smooth and sleek compared to a lot of Sans-Serif fonts I found to be really clunky. Below, I changed a paper to my Serif font:

KF paper

My beautiful Serif font almost makes this paper good!

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