Blog Assignment #2. Font Madness

This blog assignment should be posted to the class blog before we meet on Monday, February 9. Note: This assignment is linked to the first two readings (by Mayer and Hische) that are posted on TLEARN for Friday. You will need to read those articles first. You are not expected to read every word in the third article. It is a technical manual that lists type-related CSS commands. You can just skim this.


Imagine that you have promised to create content for your client using the following typefaces: Frutiger (all 14 fonts), Adobe Optima (all 12 fonts), Adobe Futura (all 20 fonts), and Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle (this includes Lexicon No. 1. Italic A, Lexicon No. 1 Italic D, Lexicon No. 1 Italic F, Lexicon No. 1 Roman A, Lexicon No. 1 Roman D, Lexicon No. 1 Roman F).

Sensibly, the client asks for your assurance that you have purchased legal copies of these typefaces. After she leaves your office, you get out your credit card and start shopping for these typefaces online. How much does each set of typefaces cost? What’s the total damage?


After consulting your bank balance, you call your client and persuade her that she should instead use the following three typefaces: RevolutionLinux Libertine, and Alpha Fitness (There are now two versions of Revolution posted on DaFont. Either one is just fine for this assignment.) She asks you to see examples of what these look like. Download all three typefaces from Da Font, and download a fourth typeface that you think looks interesting. Install all four typefaces on your computer, and post images of your name displayed in each of the four typefaces. (Technically, you could generate the images without actually installing the typeface on your computer, but that would not really be in the spirit of this assignment.)


Dan Mayer recommends that designers choose “workhorse typefaces that are like comfortable jeans.” As a web designer, you should have at least one workhorse seriftypeface and one workhorse sans-serif typeface. These should not be the default typefaces found in Word (e.g. Arial, Calibri, Verdana, and Times Roman are off the table). For this blog posting, identify at least one workhorse serif typeface and one workhorse sans-serif typeface that will become your workhorse typefaces for the rest of the the semester. Apply the serif typeface to a recent piece of written work, and post a screenshot of one of the pages from this document in that typeface. In just a few sentences, explain why you have you chosen these particular typefaces.

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