Kelly. Senior. Psychology major. Slightly game-obsessed. These are pretty decent descriptors of me on first glance. However, there are things that even people who know me well don’t know. For example, if I could be any creature, I would be a silver dragon. I’d also be able to grow and shrink from the size of a mouse to the size of a house! Is it obvious that I enjoy the fantasy genre yet? And by enjoy, I mean “have an obsession with”…

On a slightly more serious note, I guess I should tell you some more realistic facts about myself. Next year, I will either be going to graduate school someplace cold (i.e. Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or England), or attempting to find a job somewhere in the game industry for a while. My graduate school options involve either getting into a Psychology PhD program, or going into a media studies master’s program. Hopefully, all of this schooling will lead to me getting a professor position in either a Psychology or Communication department teaching the psychology of video games. I would also like to consult for a video game company, preferable thatgamecompany (the creators of Journey). So, suffice it to say that I want my life to be surrounded by video games!

Currently, I surround myself in technology, for better or worse. I wake up to my cell phone, use it to check Facebook to see what has occurred since I began sleeping, keep it as my calendar, play games on my 3DS or other various game systems, and watch Netflix until I fall asleep and start all over again. Am I worried that all of this connectedness is messing with my brain? I would say so. Do I believe that creating AI is a terrible idea and could end up killing us all? Definitely. Honestly, do those researchers not watch any Sci-fi movies? While technology assists our lives in countless ways, including giving us information at our fingertips that would take hours to gather before, I feel like the ability people have to spy on us and the control our robot overlords can have when they rise against us is terrifying.

Assuming that our robot overlords (excuse me, I meant protectors) grant us mercy and allow us to live our daily lives in peace, technology in the next five to ten years will be very exciting! In five years, there will definitely be another iteration of the Google Glass, back and better than ever. By the time we make it to 2025, I doubt that many people will ever be seem without their GoogleClothing™, which will provide them with the weather proofing for when it starts raining, as well as automatic adjustments for when it gets too hot or cold. Video games by that time are difficult to even imagine. We already are seeing the beginning of Oculus Rift, so perhaps by ten years from now we will be fully immersed and “walking” in virtual worlds, able to fully experience what it is like to fight beside some of our favorite characters. And, of course, Nintendo 64’s will be selling for thousands of dollars as people get a taste for the nostalgia of “the good ol’ days”.

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