Don’t Dis the Curls

I probably spend at least 50% of the time on my laptop. If I’m not typing up notes for a class, I’m listening to music—currently loving Kat Dahlia’s new album, My Garden. My favorite song on the album has to be Gangsta. I am also a chronic TV binge-watcher. Current shows I follow: Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and—a recent addition—Being Human. Of course, I also love watching movies but it’s been a while since I’ve been to the movie theater, so I’d love to hear some suggestions. I definitely tend to lean toward sci-fi/fantasy type shows, and I’m a big fan of animation. Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Bee and PuppyCat are some of my favorites.

I’m pretty comfortable with technology. I had access to a desktop computer as a kid, and I was practically the only person in my household who used it for years until my younger brother was old enough to show interest in it. One of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had with technology consists of years of being forced to use Windows 98 and dial-up. It wasn’t until 2007 that we bought a new desktop computer and upgraded to Windows Vista. Three years later we upgraded to a DSL and WiFi connection. I spent way too many hours waiting to connect to the internet and waiting for pages to load.

I love technology, mainly, because it’s given us the internet. I have a dependent relationship with my laptop, and I know it. However, I’m not much of a social media person. I follow people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., but I don’t post much content myself. It’s really time consuming to have an active social-networking life, and I can’t seem to get in the habit of becoming a frequent poster.

This spring, May 2015, I’ll be graduating. Soon I’ll have to make important decisions about my future—go to grad school or attempt to jump into the workforce? Of course, in a fantasy world where crazy dreams come true, I would love to travel after graduation. I highly doubt I’ll get to travel right after I graduate. As we all know, traveling requires money, and money requires having a job with income. I have no idea where I’ll be five or six months from now, but I’d like to work for a magazine or publishing company within the next five years. We’ll see what happens.

Regardless of my job in 2020 or 2025, I know I’ll always use technology. It’s a bit of a crutch. I have a question; Google has the answer. I’m bored; Netflix is the answer. Additionally, there aren’t many jobs that don’t require some sort of technology to get the job done. I use technology as a student, a writer, and a part-time banker. Technology enables us, but at the same time it incapacitates us—without it, many of us feel lost.

Anyone can tell just by looking at me that I have curls, but not many people know that I used to hate my hair. It’s taken years to learn how to manage, accept, and love my hair. For that reason, I dislike being told, “You should straighten your hair.” I just saw a video that perfectly explains the reason a simple statement like that could be harmful.

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