Techonolgy Fears, Concerns, and What I Want to Know

Hello there! I’m Emily Williams and I am a Senior Communication major with a Spanish minor here at Trinity. While I am technically from San Antonio, I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for twelve awesome years! Sadly I have not had the opportunity to go home since arriving in at Trinity, but who knows what the future holds, I may make my way back soon! My current interests include spending time with my dog, Zita; kite flying, and binge watching TV pilots.

I think technology and computers play a huge role in our lives. Many people seem to be afraid of computers, feeling terrified of what they can do. But like many things I think this fear lies in what we do not understand, there are people who have the learned the skills to be proficient at using computers, coding, etc. And there are those of us who have not had the opportunity to develop these skills so computers appear daunting and confusing. Like with many things, when we educate ourselves the computer then becomes a tool that we can easily manipulate to do what we want and not something to be frightened of.

I think computer technologies will only become more relevant to our lives and it is important to understand them and not just be consumers. I think computer courses, beyond Microsoft Office proficiency, need to become more available to students. Introducing computers and coding early on may allow students to be less fearful and less terrified of technology their parents expect them too have complete mastery over.

I also find the interaction between men and women and technology in film and television interesting. We frequently just see men as a nerd stereotype that may dominate computers (and all other STEM fields) but cannot for the life of him talk to women. Meanwhile, female computer experts in media are very few, and when they are present they often take the role of the lead male character’s tech support. Samantha Nelson wrote an excellent article for the A.V. Club discussing female television characters who are brilliant hackers and experts in their fields, yet they are just member’s of a proactive protagonists team.

I’m really excited about this course because currently I see myself as more of just a user of some computer technologies, but I would like to become more proactive and learn more about I computers are capable of. In short I want to learn how to manipulate computers and become less helpless around them.

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