Don’t Burst My Bubble

Hello! My name is Sara Di Blasi. I’m a Communication major and Creative Writing minor, I’m Italian and speak it fluently, although no one can really tell, and as a senior I’m enjoying the Trinity bubble as much as I can before graduation, and then it’s pop! into the real world.

As for now, Trinity University’s bell tower chimes in the day’s background keeping time for me, of which I have little left. Four years at Trinity go by too fast as I’m sure all seniors can attest to. In the time I’ve spent here I’ve developed my passion for writing and carefully grown in curiosity and interest for things I would never have expected.

I’ve taken every creative writing course I could find, spanning across several departments, including: English, Communication, and Theatre. It was through these classes that I was able to fine-tune my creative process and I have become a better writer because of it. I am currently in the process of applying to M.F.A. programs (Master of Fine Arts), in both poetry and fiction, in hopes of dedicating my time post graduation to the craft of writing.

Yet, writing isn’t my only interest. I thoroughly look forward to and keep a look out for any activity that allows for and/or requires creativity. These interests mostly pertain to the arts: I started playing the piano at six years old and try to play a little when I get the chance; more recently I’ve started molding clay which is both relaxing and fun; finally, I enjoy drawing and you can catch me doodling during class, although this does not mean I am not paying attention. In fact, a study on doodling suggests that doodling in the margin of your notes can actually increase attention span, memory, and learning. Hoorah for the doodlers!

In my time attending Trinity University I have grown as a writer and have also dabbled in art. Although my passions and interests mainly dwell in the realm of pen to paper, I have started expanding my creative options to include technology as well. This process began last semester through my capstone project which dealt with testing whether blogs could be an appropriate platform for creative writing in terms of attracting, engaging, and retaining an audience. The project was successful and I now keep up with my creative writing blog, By: Sara Alice, which is dedicated to poetry, fiction, and nonfiction (shameless plug, I know).

Ever since I have been craving to bridge the gap between my creative interests and technology. Mainly, I aspire to learn more about blogging such as html code so I can have more freedom in adjusting my blog to match my creativity and ideas. But I am also interested in Adobe toolsets such as Photoshop and InDesign which I have very limited experience in and am extremely motivated to learn. It is because of my interest in the overlap between creativity and technology that I have taken this course in Web Design to hopefully take the first step in exposing myself to these technologies and learning them in a safe environment.

1 Photo Credit: Honorato, Matias. (2014). Creativity. Retrieved January 20, 2014, from


About saradiblasi

I always write, in the back of notebooks, or on napkins, anywhere really. Any surface is a viable platform for my writing as long as I have a pen in hand. My blog is just an extension of the sentences I scrambled to write down before they were lost among my other thoughts. I'm hoping to connect with other writers and I'd love to check out other writing blogs!
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