Click here or else robots will take over the world

Hey everyone!

My name is Matt Kennemer and I am a senior art major here at Trinity with a minor in New Media. I was born and raised on the Southeast side of Houston in a small town called Friendswood, Texas. Growing up I was always outside doing something. Living close to the coast, my dad loved to take me fishing and out on boat rides. So naturally, I spend a lot of my time outside being active and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. I love sports and I will never turn down a competition. I am a very competitive person by nature, a characteristic that I have gained from a lifetime of playing sports. My sports background is what led me to Trinity, my decision to come here was made so that I could continue to play football and be competitive. I knew the school was great and I knew I would get a great education but I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career path. My time as a student here has really led me to understand that I am extremely fascinated by technology. Technology is something that I have always loved to interact with. It is something that I can continue to learn more about and I will never run out of things to keep learning.

After graduation I plan on going into graphic design, building on my knowledge of technology along the way. The beauty of technology is that it is forever changing and there is always something new for us to learn. Because of this, there is no telling where I will be in 10 years. I may start off in graphic design and 5 years later find myself as a computer programmer or a web designer. It just depends on where my interests and my skills take me. I don’t really want to constrict myself to a set plan after graduation. I want to find a nice entry level job in graphic design where I can settle down and continue to learn more while I discover exactly where it is that I really want to be. Graphic design is something that I know I love to do, I spend a lot of my spare time creating logos for friends and companies that are looking for logo design. I also work with the Trinitonian as the graphics editor.

One thing that not very many people know about me is that I am a huge fan of the MMORPG. The few of you that had class with me last semester definitely know that about me, but those of you who did not should know that I spend a lot of my time playing games like World of Warcraft or Star Wars: The Old Republic. I must be some huge nerd that has no friends right? Well kind of but we don’t need to talk about that. I just find these games as a relaxing way to escape from the busy world that we live in. I am good at prioritizing and I keep my studies and my real world goals ahead of these games obviously but I find MMO’s to be a relaxing way to get away from those things once in a while. These games give me the opportunity to enter a world where there is no crime, no discrimination, no poverty, etc. It’s a weird thing to explain in words but there is just something about growing my characters to become as strong as possible that I really enjoy. I guess it is just that competitive spirit that I have always had.

My interaction with the web has become a lot more than just for video games though. The internet has become just as much of a work tool as the pencil in your backpack. The internet allows us to learn anything and everything that we want to learn. I use the internet, not necessarily as an infinite form of knowledge, but as a way to continue to learn new things. Going back to what I was saying earlier, I have no idea what I am going to be doing in the next 10 to 20 years. One thing I do know for sure is that whatever I am doing in the future will be decided by the path that technology takes me. Some people are scared of how fast technology is growing, they fear that it is going to take over jobs and eventually we as people will become obsolete. What I find so interesting about that is that we are the masters of technology, the more we are able to develop technology the more we are going to be able to develop ourselves. Technology is the future and that is something that I am willing to invest endless time and effort towards.

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