Another Delwiche Class; Another Class Blog

Being my second class with Delwiche, this whole blog thing is not new to me. I could just copy and paste the exact same blog post I made in the beginning of last semester, but that’s not as personal, and I am sure it somehow violates that silly “honor code” we have to abide by.

Anyway, who am I? My name is Miranda Reinhardt, but I also go by “Randi” if you want to call me that, I usually do not mind. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Communication. It was not until last semester that I fully wanted to be involved in the Communication Department, but I found my love of it in 2302 (totally not sucking up) where I was opened up to all the possibilities that a Comm major would be capable of doing. When I graduate and am in the real world, I am hoping to take my degree and find a gaming company that I could bring my Comm skills to.

So, why did I take web design? For that reason, having a background in more than just the basic Communication skills, I feel like I will have a leg up on other applicants with my web design background and also a liberal arts one! I never thought that I would be able to combine my interest with a future job (unless I worked at GameStop). Gaming has been a passion of mine that I want to continue on doing for the rest of my life whether it is in front of a monitor playing Far Cry 4 or behind the scenes watching mounts and characters come to life.

Because I am a PC gamer, I am constantly surrounded by other people’s opinions and comments on games I’m playing, or just popular ones in general. The internet has become a powerful tool, and I find it amazing how it has evolved within the many decades.  With the government getting more and more involved with the community and their internet usage, I am starting to get a little more skeptical about my privacy connected to it. Yes, I know that anything and everything that is on the internet is never completely private, but even the most basic information like my favorite band can be found by anyone at any time and that is unsettling. That is why I’m very glad they discontinued Google Glass for the time being, because that gave me anxiety just thinking about it.

Technology, even though I love it, I hate it. Technology connects people together in a way that normal interactions cannot.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Technology has made many aspects to every day life, much simpler and a lot quicker. It has caused our world to become lazy and dependent on the technology around us. See Figure 1. I believe technology has a never ending growth and that makes me excited, but like I said, nervous at the same time. I do not know where the world will stop when it comes to technology, but I have a constant fear of our world ending up like the movie WALL-E (Stanton, 2008).

Miranda (Randi) Reinhardt

And just as I did last class…

“Call Me GluttonousTroll”

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