A New Semester, A New Blog Post

Hi everyone! My name is Kim Nguyen and I’m a junior studying Communication with a minor in New Media. I was born in Vietnam and I have lived in San Antonio since I was three years old. Some fun facts that I like to tell people are that I can read and write in other four languages, I enjoy weightlifting and obstacle course racing, and I like reading biographies of tech founders.

My favorite movies are produced by Studio Ghibli and the featured image is from Ponyo. I just rewatched it recently and fell in love with Ponyo and the storyline. My favorite film would have to be Howl’s Moving Castle because I saw it when I was a kid and I really loved the art. I also am a huge fan of Diane Wynn Jones, the author of the book the movie was based on.

I’m really passionate about learning how technology companies such as Paypal, Airbnb, and Apple got started and how they marketed themselves to attract customers. I enjoy reading articles about mobile UI/UX and learning how to design an intuitive, user friendly layout. One of my favorite discussions last year was about the hamburger menu. Apple UX Evangelist Mike Stern discussed why it was considered bad UX design during WWDC 2014. Basically the hamburger menu is tedious and creates more work for the user rather than being helpful. I find these talks really interesting and look forward to seeing new trends emerge and solutions to these problems.

I think that technology 10 years from now will be very different from what we see now. The rate of technological development and production is increasing and by 2025 we might be able to have personal, affordable oculus rifts in our homes. I’m really excited to see better designed interfaces for web and mobile and how augmented reality further develops.

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