My Illogical Distrust of Technology

To begin, I guess I’ll simply start with the basics. I’m Cat Clark and I was born in Friendswood, Texas which is 45 minutes south of Houston. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, and although I have always dreamed of leaving this state, I always seem to choose to stay. I’m a Sophomore Communication and Spanish major. Currently, my plans for the future are twisted up a bit. I have just dropped my Anthropology major and changed my Spanish minor to a major. In the Fall of 2013, I had a definite plan, which outlined my path clearly. Go to Trinity, major in Anth and Comm, graduate, go to grad school, and somehow, someway, become a journalist for National Geographic. Now…well, I know that I am graduating a year early and that I will be applying to grad school, but other than that, I don’t really know what I will be “when I grow up.” And that is perfectly okay. Plans are meant to be changed. In the following paragraphs, I will give y’all a glimpse into my interests and my technological anxieties.

I grew up outdoors. Running, hunting, playing basketball, I was always moving, always doing something. That being said, I do not always love being outside. I also like the simple things. Reading, traveling, writing, listening to stories, watching movies, I love it all. Recommend me a book, I’ll read it. Give me a movie, I’ll watch it.  Or better yet, introduce me to comics and video games. (Thanks Dr. Delwiche!) Recently, I have started to read The Walking Dead comics and I love them. I, also, have learned to play Madden 15Although I have a tendency to miss a lot of tackles and to run in the opposite direction during punt return, I’m learning.

This brings me to technology. My relationship with technology has always been one of distrust. Screens and buttons and invisible connections kinda freak me out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the power that technology gives us. The internet is incredible and I would not be able to survive without it! But I think that technological addictions are real and people tend to abuse these gifts. We don’t talk to each other enough. We stare at our screens and hope that the person standing next to us in the elevator disappears. Sometimes, we become zombies. Zombies hungry for information and connections. In this way, we let technology control us, because of that, technology often oversteps its boundaries. For instance, the Xbox can listen to you! That’s right. LISTEN! What is that?!? Why does my video game need to listen to me, when my friend and I are playing offline and alone?? Personally, I could come up with about fifty conspiracies as to why our consoles listen. But I shall refrain myself.

My illogical anxieties aside, technology is a necessary evil. But in reality, we are the ones, who choose to make technology what it is. We can make it whatever we want it to be! I’m hoping that this course will give me the tools to use today’s technology to make the web what I want it to be. (And maybe to quiet some of my anxieties…maybe) In the future, I hope that is what we are doing with technology. 2020 sounds so far away and 2025 even farther. I don’t know what technology will be like by then, since it is already moving so fast. But I only hope that, by then, we’ve learned to control technology and to stop letting it control us.

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